ArcGIS Pro Map Package for Battle of Breed’s Hill

Happy 4th of July! After publishing the List of Americans in the Battle of Breed’s Hill from the Rolls last year, I had intended to also publish the ArcGIS Pro map I used as part of the research to compile the list. I am finally sharing that here today.

Aaron Oliver and Ezra Fuller – Memorial Day

I continue my Memorial Day habit of documenting little-known soldiers of the American Revolution who made the ultimate sacrifice. This year I chose two. They were equals in pay, misery, risk, and soldierly duties.

List of Americans in the Battle of Breed’s Hill from the Rolls

This is a roll of who was or likely was in the battle on June 17, 1775. It is not exact, complete, or the last word. The early historians, Swett, Frothingham, Loring, et. al. agreed there is no basis to accurately compile an exact list. I completely agree with them. I intend this roll as a 21st-century digital convenience. It is for those who wish to get a faster start on researching patriot ancestors, town histories, etc.

Improved text for searching MA Soldiers and Sailors

The 17 volumes of Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, a Compilation from the Archives is a bit of a beast to search through. Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war v1-17 Sep 2022Download Follow this post to receive updates, please comment with any issues. Also, see the list of updates at…

Battles of Saratoga 243rd Anniversary

The best histories are the stories of specific people and why they did what they did. In my writing, I strive to revive the stories of several people that many historians might only include as flavoring in their writings rather than a main course. Names like Isaac Frye, Ezekiel Goodale, William Adrian Hawkins, and Will Burton

Will Burton and July 5, 1777

The Americans at Fort Ticonderoga numbered about 3,000 with a majority being Continental Army soldiers and the rest Massachusetts and New Hampshire militia. On boats they carried cannon and baggage south toward Skenesborough (now Whitehall), though most marched east and then turned south toward Hubbardton. Will Burton, barely 15-years-old, a fifer with the 3rd New Hampshire Continental Regiment, and likely full of adrenaline marched with them

Honor and Valor – Historical Insights

Does your book provide any new contributions to our understanding of history? In Honor and Valor, I divide the contributions to historical understanding into two categories:

An Even Better Milestone

First and foremost, I hope you all healthy and coping as best as can be done given the coronavirus pandemic. Thank you to all of you who bought and read my first book, The War has Begun. I have sincerely appreciated your support and reviews on Amazon and Goodreads. It has encouraged me to not…

A Worthy Milestone to Report

At long last, I've finished the draft of "Honor and Valor".  Let the editing begin. 

Memorial Day Tribute to Five of a 40-Man Scout

"a Scout of 40 men under Command of Capt. fry of Colo. Scammels Regt. was Surpris'd By a Body of Indians & others Consisting in the whole of about 300. we Lost out our scout 9 men kild & taken--"