Duty in the Cause of Liberty is a four-book series set during the American Revolutionary War. The books follow Isaac Frye, a farmer from Wilton, New Hampshire who became a Continental Army officer and serves for the entire war.

This site adds to the details in the books with my research, maps and genealogical information, including lists of patriots from New Hampshire that SAR, DAR, and other colonial lineage societies require.

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Need a speaker for your organization? I present on a range of topics from the genealogy, historical research, and various Revolutionary War topics to the technical aspects of using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) as the basis to organize and manage historical research.  I will travel to locations within two hours of Redlands CA and will discount the book price by $3 for your members on the day I speak, and donate $3 to your organization for every book I sell.  Here is a list of topics I can speak for 20-45 minutes on:

  • The Research, Writing, and Publishing of my Books
  • Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Historical Research
  • Creating a Modern Map of Boston in 1775
  • Captain Brown and Ensign D’Bernicre’s Expedition into the Interior of Massachusetts (Early 1775).
  • Paul Dudley Sargent and the Siege of Boston (1775)
  • The Battle of Bunker Hill – for patriotic and lineage societies, I have a database which allows me to locate nearly any American soldier on the battlefield and describe their role.
  • The Defense of Canada Campaign (1776)
  • The Battles of Saratoga (1777)
  • Sullivan’s Expedition (1779
  • The (second) Battle of King’s Bridge (1781)

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The photo above:  Lake Champlain as viewed from Fort Ticonderoga, looking east into Vermont.