Isaac Frye covers a lot of ground during the war. Maps help orient provide context for the world Isaac lived in. These maps only show the places in the parts of colonial Colonial America that Isaac traveled to.  I compiled them from period maps ranging in date from 1775 to 1784, though a few earlier maps were used as well.


Wilton 1775 Wilton 1775 Wilton 1775
Map of the part of Wilton where Isaac Frye lived. Territory between Wilton and Boston New England southwest of Boston
Wilton 1775 Wilton 1775 Wilton 1775
The lower Hudson River and western Connecticut The upper Hudson, Lake Champlain, and southern Quebec Territory between Fort Ticonderoga and Wilton
Battle of Breeds Hill Battle of Breeds Hill Battle of Breeds Hill
Details of the Battle of Breeds Hill. Shows Hillsborough County, New Hampshire, where Isaac recruited. Territory where the American army traveled after evacuating Fort Ticonderoga.
Battle of Breeds Hill Battle of Breeds Hill Battle of Breeds Hill
Territory around Saratoga, New York. The area of Isaac’s 40-man scout. Source: Montrésor, J., Andrews, P. & Dury, A. 1777 “A map of the Province of New York, with part of Pensilvania[sic], and New England.” A. Drury, London The area north of Philadelphia, including Whitemarsh, Valley Forge, and Barren Hill.
Battle of Breeds Hill

New York, White Plains, Fishkill, Danbury, and western Connecticut.

My research began with learning to apply ArcGIS software to create historical geographic information systems (GIS) and maps. These were my first two efforts, though I have revised them several times since after their initial completion in the early 2000s.

Map of the City of Boston in 1775 by Charlie Frye – compiled from predominantly primary sources using ArcGIS. DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.20485.88803
Map of the Battle of Breed’s Hill by Charlie Frye – compiled using ArcGIS. DOI:10.13140/RG.2.2.17539.53283

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