ArcGIS Pro Map Package for Battle of Breed’s Hill

Happy 4th of July! After publishing the List of Americans in the Battle of Breed’s Hill from the Rolls last year, I had intended to also publish the ArcGIS Pro map I used as part of the research to compile the list. I am finally sharing that here today.

List of Americans in the Battle of Breed’s Hill from the Rolls

This is a roll of who was or likely was in the battle on June 17, 1775. It is not exact, complete, or the last word. The early historians, Swett, Frothingham, Loring, et. al. agreed there is no basis to accurately compile an exact list. I completely agree with them. I intend this roll as a 21st-century digital convenience. It is for those who wish to get a faster start on researching patriot ancestors, town histories, etc.

Improved text for searching MA Soldiers and Sailors

The 17 volumes of Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War, a Compilation from the Archives is a bit of a beast to search through. Massachusetts soldiers and sailors of the revolutionary war v1-17 Sep 2022Download Follow this post to receive updates, please comment with any issues. Also, see the list of updates at…

Freeman’s Farm: The more I read …

Do the math:  In the Battle of Freeman's Farm, the Americans fired upwards of 60,000 bullets and maybe 1,000 found an enemy soldier. The British fired about the same number and only hit half as many Americans. 

Philip Schuyler: Crisis Manager

As I researched how Sullivan's Brigade made its way north from Albany to Fort Ticonderoga in the late spring of 1776, I came across a remarkable document. It was a project plan...