When I started learning about Isaac Frye, one my earliest goals was to put a pencil on the map, so to speak, and trace where he went during the American Revolution. Geographic Information Systems software, commonly called GIS, turned out to be the perfect solution. I used ArcGIS software from Esri.
To give you an idea of what is possible, I assembled a web map with some of the information I used.  Click the link to open the map.  Then pan, zoom, and click on the features to learn more.
Using GIS afforded me some additional benefits, such as being able to set up queries to find out how many days Isaac spent traveling, and how far he went.  In The War has Begun, Isaac traveled 1,270 miles during 79 of 630 days. This sort of information was eye-opening for me, as I assumed people, particularly farmers, during this time period did not get around much.  The records showed otherwise.

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